How to Answer Specific IT Interview Questions


An interview is basically a structured exchange where at least one participant gives answers, and the other poses questions. In common parlance, however, the word “Interview” typically refers to a one-to-one talk between an interviewing and an interviewing interviewer. The interview question may not even be asked during the job interview. It is only afterwards, when the interviewee receives feedback on his/her skills and offers to take the interview again.

Before the interview, you need to prepare for it in any possible manner.

The main purpose of preparing for an interview is to get the best out of the interview by highlighting your strengths, and weaknesses as well as getting ready for the different job interview questions that may be asked. For example, you may receive a question such as “What are your three greatest strengths?” Preparing for this kind of question would be to highlight your strong areas such as your communication skills, leadership, and strong organizational skills.

There are many other types of common interview questions that you will be asked during a job interview at a managed IT support any company regardless of the industry. One of the most popular ones includes “what is your biggest weakness?” This type of question is very subjective because it will depend largely on the hiring managers and how they think. But general responses to this question might include honesty, professionalism, flexibility, and a positive attitude.

Another type of common interview questions revolves around what type of work you are looking for. Although it is common for an interviewer to ask you to state your job description, some interviewers will ask you to provide it verbally. This is actually okay if it matches the job description that was stated in the job ad. It is however common for hiring managers to want to hear it directly from you. As such, make sure that you know and understand exactly what the job description of the job you are applying for says.

If you are applying for different jobs within a company,

one of the most common interview questions that you will be asked is “why should we hire you over someone else?” This type of question is usually based on your strong selling points, or you’re selling yourself as an individual who possesses a unique selling point. For example, if you are great at taking surveys, then you could talk about that and how you have been able to leverage that information to obtain a different job within the company.

The last type of common interview questions revolves around information technology. Information technology jobs are growing in popularity across many industries. So, if you are applying for a job within a company that makes use of information technology, it is important to make sure that you know how to emphasize your strong selling points. You can do this by giving examples of how you have implemented information technology in your previous position, or you can even talk about how you were a big part of a team that was successful using it. You want to emphasize what makes you different from all of the other applicants in the position.

  • One more interview question that you may be asked is “what are your top three IT skills?”
  • Again, this question will be based on what you have accomplished in your previous positions.
  • Again, it will be asking you to list three things that you have learned and/or are currently learning that relates to the position you are applying for.

The best answer to this question is related to the job you are applying for. So, if you are applying for a leadership position, then you would probably list your current certifications, as well as some information technology basics.

In conclusion, it is very easy to answer technical interview questions. You simply need to remember that the interviewer is looking to find a specific person, a fit, not a cookie cutter. If you have the right skills, then that is great. If not, you need to take some time and really think about how you can present yourself as an IT professional that is going to be a great addition to the company.