Fall In Love With Managed Wifi


Managed WiFi is basically a business solution which allows an enterprise to outsource the varied tasks involved in laying out, securing, configuring, maintaining, updating and maintaining a corporate WiFi network. It is usually provided by the various enterprise service providers (ESP) as a value-added service and/or in bid to build client loyalty. The cost of this service depends upon the extent of the services required, the complexity of the project and the terms and conditions agreed upon with the client. Usually a WiFi system is set up with a particular company by employing an employee from the enterprise services company. It also provides for the cost savings by avoiding leasing and instead contracting for the use of the system for a stipulated period of time.

There are several benefits to implementing managed wifi solutions in enterprises.

The most apparent is the fact that it enables users who do not possess the necessary skills or expertise in the field to install, maintain and optimize a corporate network in the absence of technical support personnel. With managed wifi solutions, the enterprise can concentrate on its core business functions such as customer relations, sales, marketing, accounting, human resources and so on. Furthermore, it enables companies and organizations to rapidly scale up their networks, as they do not require having large investments on property and employees, and can easily manage their budgets.

Managed WiFi security is a key feature of managed wifi solutions offered by numerous companies. It serves as a firewall that filters data to ensure only what is essential is transmitted to the user end-user and/or administrator end-user. Another benefit is that it blocks wireless-non-emergency traffic that might be used to disrupt or maliciously gain access to a network. Apart from that, it prevents unauthorized access by tampering with the various signal protocols. Some managed wifi providers also provide their customers with hardware and software tools to monitor and audit the systems.

Managed enterprise wifi management helps companies manage and monitor their existing wireless networks as well as new ones. In order to make sure that the wireless networks provided to the employees are efficient, the help desk should have the capability of tracking the connections that are made and the activities that are performed by the users on the wireless networks. This can help in determining the areas where there are connectivity issues and help resolve them accordingly. This helps prevent the areas from being used for spreading out of the corporate Wi-Fi usage.

Most people have come to know about Managed WiFi by means of news articles.

These articles have often been news items that have highlighted how Managed Wifi Service Providers helps to set up wireless networks at home and other places. But there has been much more to this than news reports. It is an initiative taken by service providers to help businesses connect to large databases of internet users and to generate online revenues through enhanced online sales and marketing strategies. The managed service provider companies help manage employees’ internet usage and can provide other services as well.

The managed wifi service providers are service providers who help you manage your home or office’s internet connection. These companies typically provide internet access control software that makes it possible to block users on your wireless network based on their activities. For instance, you can block a particular employee from accessing certain areas of your network.

The managed wifi solution providers also help you get rid of your old wireless routers and wireless devices. These devices tend to become problematic because of the number of viruses that are spread through various wireless devices. Most companies cannot afford to replace all their old devices and routers and thus prefer the managed solution to help them get rid of old devices as well as prevent them from spreading viruses. The managed solution also saves money by allowing you to manage your internet connection directly from your laptops.

  • It is possible to find a managed provider for your work place or even for your home.
  • You can check out the different providers available online so you will know which one can offer you the most convenient package at the best price.
  • Just make sure that the provider you are choosing has a good reputation and that you can easily contact support anytime if there is a problem with your wireless device.
  • It would also be a good idea to get a professional opinion from a technician to help you choose the best provider for your home or office.