How does VoIP Work?

VoIP Business Services

VoIP is the buzzword these days and more than ever, people are beginning to realise just how much it can help their business. VoIP is the process of using the internet and your computer to make telephone calls over the internet instead of using conventional phones. VoIP providers provide a service that allows you to have a number of communication devices and services connected to your business.

One of the most popular VoIP business services is called Business Continuity.

This is provided by a reputable VoIP provider who will connect your VoIP phone service to your existing computer network so you can make unlimited long distance or international calls. Business Continuity will manage all of your calls from any location whether you are at home in the office or even traveling abroad. The basic services include call recording as well as permitting you to manage voicemail. You can use this feature to record meetings or simply put an end to unwanted prank phone calls.

If your company has branch offices across the globe, you can purchase global gateway access which allows you to use your computer to make calls throughout the globe for no additional cost. You are able to integrate your VOIP phone system with your branch offices’ existing telephone systems. As long as these systems have VoIP functionality, they will allow you to connect to your global office phone systems and other local phone systems as well. This feature is useful for those who require multiple phone systems for business needs and want to minimize long-distance charges. Business Continuity is perfect for those whose branch offices are based in multiple locations around the world.

Another of the VoIP business services is called SIP Trunking. This is very similar to Business Continuity and will allow you to place or receive calls from a specific SIP Trunked number, even if it is outside the boundaries of your service area. SIP trunks are like virtual phone numbers; they are normally allocated from toll free numbers, so you do not need to pay anything extra. In addition, with SIP Trunking, your voiP providers will be able to manage your voicemail and e-mail accordingly.

Another option is voice over IP technology. This is a high speed phone system that uses your broadband Internet connection to transmit voice messages over the Internet. These calls are received directly to your computer at the destination, where they are then sent to the recipient. Many people use this option when they want to make long distance calls using voice technology, but it can also be used for domestic calls as well.

A great way to reduce the overall cost of your communications is through Caller ID. Caller identification automatically shows whom is calling. It works by displaying a unique number for each phone number that is connected to your VoIP Business Services. This enables you to make calls to each person individually, which eliminates the long-distance charges. This is an especially useful feature for large businesses, which sometimes have hundreds of different extensions in their customer lists.

You may be wondering how VoIP phone systems work.

The way that VoIP works is that the same basic principles that apply to traditional phone systems apply to VoIP as well. Your call goes from you through the telephone network, which is then converted into digital information and stored on your computer. The computer will then send the digital information to the IP address of the phone system that has stored the data. This is how you get the quality sound and other features of true voice communications.

  • You can find all the information that you need to find the perfect VoIP business phone system, both online and off.
  • Most VoIP companies will provide pricing and a free quote prior to signing a contract.
  • To make sure that you’re getting the best deal, you should use a site that provides a comparison tool so that you can easily compare prices from multiple providers.
  • Once you know the basics, you will be able to pick out the features that best meet your needs. All you need is the right guidance along the way.